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F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd.


   Public Art Projects

Cleveland Cultural Gardens




Stephanie Tubbs Jones Plaza

At the corner of East Boulevard and Wade Oval Dr. is an exciting, refreshingly innovative park designed by University Circle, Inc. and Architect, McKnight & Associates. F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd. installed mosaic tiles depicting the history of Cleveland embedded in the bench walls, and a time capsule to be opened in 50 years. State-of-the-art lighting at night completes this work of art in the Circle.

University Circle

"Bring Back Euclid Avenue" campaign utilized  F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd. to install the new Wayfinding Signage.



Public Art Projects 

University Circle Public Art designed by Scott Murase

F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd. developed this artist's creation along Euclid Avenue. The Plain Dealer, on 11/9/08, described the bight spot along the RTA bus line: "The Seattle landscape architecture firm of Murase Associates designed intriguing and enigmatic earthworks in University Circle, made of rough blocks of Berea sandstone. They resemble strange geological outcrops emerging from the earth in an unexpected place."

Great Lakes Science Center Wind Turbine designed by  Allan and Ellen Wexler

We worked closely with Cleveland Public Art to bring their vision to life at the Great Lakes Science Center. The concrete is exactly positioned to reflect the shadow of  "WindWorks" during specific times of the year. F. Buddie Contracting, ltd. installed a "light bulb" sculpture designed by the Wexlers illustrating the savings from a single windmill.


Euclid Corridor Public Art, Greater Cleveland  RTA  designed by Yankowitz and Holden, New York






F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd. was awarded this project and trusted with the ability to bring an artist's vision into reality.

The artists wanted to create a place for people to walk, stop, read, and hear poetry. The work is a series of granite interactive poetry sculptures placed on a 115 foot site along the Euclid Corridor in East Cleveland. The sphere surfaces have embossed lettering that look as if they have left behind imprints of poetic texts. A series of granite interactive poetry sculptures appear as spheres in motion slowly rolling to a halt. The sound sculptures speak poems derived from four well known and admired poets who had at one time lived in Cleveland, Ohio.